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Optimization of Drying and Biomass Combustion Processes

Global Process Group is a specialty engineering and project management company providing full-service project execution for manufacturing process improvements associated with drying and/or combustion of biomass, and production of carbon-based products.

Whether retrofitting or expanding an existing plant or developing a business model for a new manufacturing facility, GPG offers an array of expertise to ensure optimal results. Using seasoned experts and sophisticated modeling software, our professional’s design process flows and dynamic models to analyze systems and identify performance optimizations that deliver results with a desirable return on investments.


Beyond the Scope

Beyond typical engineering firms, GPG can incorporate its financial expertise to provide pro forma financial projections of plant and equipment installations including the development of business plans.  This often overlooked, but critical, exercise accounts for an exhaustive feasibility assessment for owners and investors.

Once the business case has been validated, our team of project managers, engineers and manufacturers are ready to deliver world-class design and installation of rotary dryers, biomass combustion systems, and indirect kilns.

A key role GPG plays is the coordination and precise documentation of all aspects of the project, including the development of Standard Operating Procedures for the plant and the ability to assist with bringing the plant online and ramping to capacity.

Industries We Serve


In this commodity market, optimizing the process is critical to allow the use of lowest cost feedstocks.  Automatic control over the drying process provides a consistent target moisture content to the pellet machines with feedstock that varies with species and seasonal changes.

Process heat can be provided from bark, incoming furnish or fines produced by the process.


OSB & Particleboard

Having the ability to dynamically model the process allows proper evaluation of variables prior to making equipment or process changes. Generation and recovery of fines can be evaluated through each step of the process and new technology in high-efficiency collectors and gas recycle systems can make major reductions on pollution abatement systems.

Drop in replacements for triple pass dryers, single pass dryers and dry fuel suspension burners.


Understanding the financial impact of the relationships between calorific value and yields is critical. Biocoal has different combustion characteristics than coal, so making it “look like and act like coal” may not be the best solution. Balancing yield, grindability and combustion properties makes this a feasible option for a sustainable fuel.


Biochar & Carbon Products

While simple on the surface, thermal processing of biomass is complex. Processing biomass through a range of temperatures that exceed the feedstocks combustion points requires precise control and proper indirect kiln equipment. Quantifying yields of the proposed species at various process conditions mitigates risk in the assumptions of business models.

Lumber & Solid Products

Operating Kilntek for over 20 years gives us a unique perspective of lumber drying schedules and dry kiln equipment. This combination of skills provides the ability to systematically optimize drying schedules with a clear understanding of the differences between species and equipment limitations.



Feasibility Analysis

Dynamic Process Modeling

Production or Proof of Concept Samples

Process Evaluations

General Arrangement Drawings

3D Modeling

Project Bid Specifications

Procurement Management

Construction Project Management

Development of Standard Operating Procedures

On-Site Support and Training

About Us

We understand the forest products industry and the business of engineering. GPG is not an ordinary engineering group focused solely on detailed drawings and technical documentation.

Our greatest distinction is our feasibility analysis expertise. This offers unparalleled reliability in the proof of concept phase when considering process or equipment changes related to drying and/or combustion in the forest products or biomass industries.

With a proven history of successful leadership in developing technically complex product lines, GPG brings deep domain knowledge of machinery design and manufacturing processes that deliver optimum solutions for product lifecycle and profitability.

Our team of internal resources and agreements with synergistic partners offer powerful expertise for partnership in some or all of the following areas:

Financial projections for plant payback and ROI
Dynamic modeling for predictive analysis
Laboratory analysis and validations
Production of product samples
Preliminary and detailed engineering
Operator training and development
Stephen Rice

Stephen is a renowned expert in global forest products industry with a strong history of engineering leadership. Proficient in the re-engineering of machinery and process designs, Stephen’s unique depth and breadth ensure GPG is the appropriate resource to deliver significant cost savings, efficiencies, and productivity gains. Relying on an education background with a BS and MS in Wood Technology and an eye for innovation, he brings extensive experience in a multitude of forest product applications in burgeoning biocoal, biochar and carbon derived from biomass industries

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Bob Simpson
California Tanoak Products

Steve Rice is a wood drying expert with the technical skill, hands-on experience and aptitude to achieve what was previously thought impossible. Steve’s personality and demeanor allow him to blend seamlessly with any organizational, large or small.

Irvin Dyer
AGI Capital

AGI Capital sustained a dryer fire which put our plant out of operation.  Mr. Rice visited our facility in Romania and after surveying the damage made recommendations allowing us to salvage a substantial amount of existing equipment.


As part of our rebuild, Mr. Rice oversaw complete upgrade of the control logic for both our dryer and green combustion system – updating it to current EU safety standards.  From an operational standpoint, our new system came up without issues and exceeded estimated production projections.  Precise control of the dryer and energy plant has resulted in the highest quality rating of our pellet facility and successful renewal of our EN A1 pellet quality certification. GPG’s deep understanding of our business and production requirements has resulted in a very beneficial working relationship with AGI Capital.


Marshall Deutsch

Within a month Steve helped us conclude that the technology scale-up was struggling because it was too ambitious and it wasn’t cost effective. By the end of month two, Dodeca and GPG developed a new methodology for making a cost-effective alternative product standing on the shoulders of existing infrastructure thereby reducing cost and technical risk. Month three saw samples of the new material generated and sent to potential end users. The material has been very well received. Talks are ongoing and expanding to new targets. 


Dodeca considers Steve Rice and GPG integral to its biomass related opportunities and unequivocally recommends GPG to others in the marketplace.


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