Dry wood fuel suspension burner

Energy source for rotary dryers and
Lumber dry kilns
What Improvements Have Been Made to Dry Wood Fuel Suspension Burners?

Dry wood fuel suspension burners are an excellent way to eliminate fines and turn them into energy. These burners are one of the most cost-effective ways to burn dry fines which, if left unaccounted for, can become a serious disposal problem. 

Sometimes we don’t talk with each other – there have been substantial improvements in the Lumber and OSB industries over the past 20 years – we have combined the best of both.  Advances in Programmable Logic Controllers capabilities have allowed us to make significant improvements to the control of dry wood fuel suspension burners, which offers some of the following benefits:

  • Tighter air-fuel ratio control for cleaner combustion
  • Measurements of mass flow of fuel for tighter control with varying fuel densities
  • Automatic adjustments for ambient air temperature changes

Dry Wood Fuel Suspension Burner Benefits and Capabilities

Combustion Air System
Combustion air is controlled by a variable frequency drive for reduced static pressure and lower power consumption.

More accurate control over the combustion air increases efficiency and reduces fuel consumption.
Increased Capacity
Addition of 50MM and 65MM burners allows processes that are constrained by energy to be upgraded for increased capacity.
Increased Combustion Volume
Additional 18″ in length of burner leads to greater residence time resulting in cleaner, more complete combustion. The additional length makes the burner more stable at high fire

3D Models – Two Configurations


The horizontal configuration is a cost-effective method of using dry fuel as an energy source and allows an easy upgrade to new or existing rotary dryers or process applications which need additional heat to increase their output.


The proven vertical configuration allows more ash to discharge the burner. The time between burner clean-outs is increased because of the combination of increased residence time and lower gas velocity.

GPG’s Competitive Difference

Strength in Partnership

An industry powerhouse, Hurst Boiler’s reputation needs no explanation.  Aligning our companies was an easy decision and the partnership brings great value.  When direct fired solid fuel burners are part of your project, you now have an option for turn-key systems and support.

Production Output

30 15,000,000
36 25,000,000
42 35,000,000
48 40,000,000
54* 50,000,000
60* 65,000,000

*New increased capacity

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